Sushmita Sen Recalls Battling With Addisons Disease, Shares, ‘That Phase Of My Life Was The One…’

Sushmita Sen is a powerhouse of talent, beauty and energy, and there is no second thoughts about it. The former Miss Universe garners a massive fan following globally, and is rightfully hailed as an inspiration for many. Be it through her acting chops, divine beauty or charming personality, she is a sight to behold. While many are aware about how she recently suffered a health scare after surviving a heart attack, many do not know that she was also once diagnosed with Addisons disease back in 2014. And now, she spoke about her experience on the same.

Sushmita Sen reveals how Addisons disease took a toll on her career

In a recent interaction with Bollywood Bubble, Sushmita Sen recalled her tough battle with the auto immune condition of Addisons disease, back in 2014. She mentioned that the only treatment that was prescribed to her for the condition was to take steroids, that too in heavy amounts. However, it nevertheless ended up taking an unfair toll on her career. Speaking more about it, she mentioned:

“That phase of my life was the one that shook me considerably because I’m someone like, ‘It’s okay, everything will be better tomorrow.’ But when someone tells you that you’re on steroid dependent for life and it has many side effects, you’re done and your career is done. The way you know your life to be is done because you cannot be out in public for very long. You don’t have a stress management system. The more stress you’ll take the more steroids you will have to take to accommodate for it. This shook me up.”

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Sushmita mentioned how social media engagement started to keep up her spirits

Moving further in the discussion, Sushmita mentioned how the auto-immune condition dampened her spirits initially. However, the diva highlighted that it was at that time when she made her social media debut, via Instagram, which worked as an awakening for her. It helped her to connect with people around the world who had been suffering from the same condition, and their stories started to inspire her more. Moreover, she asserted that her decision to travel various places after that made her realise the power of self-affirmation. In her words:

“I was like ‘You give me any amount of problem god, I’ll take it. But nothing so permanent that I feel decapacitated. My spirit was broken for a bit and then Instagram happened. Once the will is there, things change. I went to Germany, and England, I went to every detox place in the world that I could go to to heal. I was like I have to find a solution. And boy, when it kicked in it was life-affirming.”


Sushmita Sen credits her daughters for taking care of her medication post her heart attack scare

In the concluding segment of the interview, Sushmita Sen talked about her recent health scare over a heart attack which she survived, and has been doing good ever since. She also credited her daughters, Alisah and Reneee for taking good care of her, especially ensuring that she takes her medication on time. She mentioned:

“What they have done, especially Alisha, my elder one is a big girl and has her own responsibilities and she is independent now. But this little monkey (Alisha), she gives me my beat-a-lock sharp at 9 without fail. She has set alarms so that I don’t miss my medicines, thanks to her. She is a very nurturing soul. They are like ‘My mother tells me what is good for me and all so she must know what’s good for her. So, she just has to follow it.’ But it is lovely to have children who hold on for dear life. But I don’t think they have a fear of losing me.”

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When Sushmita Sen revealed that her daughters do not want a father in their lives

In one of her previous interviews with Sidharth Kannan, Sushmita Sen had opened up about the absence of a fatherly figure in her daughters, Renee and Alisah’s life. For the unversed, Sushmita had adopted both her daughters at quite an early age in her life, thereby setting an example for the same. Speaking about her daughters wishing for a father, Sushmita clearly affirmed that they do not miss somebody whom they never had. She also added that her father, Subeer Sen plays an important role in her daughters’ life.


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