Sushmita Sen Reveals Why Mom Was Against Her Adoption, Dad Signed Off His Property In Renee’s Name

Sushmita Sen was crowned the Miss Universe pageant in 1994 when she was only 19 years of age. Afterwards, she began her acting career and became one of the most promising actresses of her time. Then, at 24 years of age, she made the bold decision to adopt her elder daughter, Renee. Later, she also welcomed her second daughter, Alisah into her life in 2010. However, initially, her mother was completely against her decision. Now, the actress shared how she could take the bold decision of adoption with her father’s help.

Sushmita Sen reveals how she became ‘ready’ to be a mother at 24

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, the 47-year-old actress, Sushmita revealed that she never wanted her any of relationships crumble under the weight of obligations. Thus, despite dating multiple times, she didn’t culminate in something like marriage. However, during her Miss Universe duty, she had to visit orphanages, where she got acquainted with certain things related to being a mother. This oriented Sushmita towards adoption, and she became ‘ready’ to be a mother ever since she was crowned Mis Universe in her late teens. She said: 

“It was creating an emotional bond where I was thinking that there is such a gap– somebody wants to be a mother, and there’s a child who wants to have, needs a mother. Perfect fit. Why can’t it just be that simple. My years of travel and being around kids had a huge impact and I knew I was ready for it.”

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Sushmita Sen’s mother was initially against her decision of adoption

In the same conversation, Sushmita revealed that although she was ‘ready’, her mother, Subhra Sen was not okay with it. Subhra mentioned to her that she was herself a child and couldn’t understand how she would take the responsibility at such a young age. However, Sushmita got full support from her daddy, Shubeer Sen. Sushmita added:

“My mother was like, ‘You are a child yourself! What are you talking, what’s gone wrong with this girl!’ She was furious with me. My father was more patient. He asked, ‘Where is this coming from?’ and I told him, ‘It’s a calling daddy. I am feeling it very strongly.’ He told me that the calling wasn’t going anywhere, I could do it in a few years. I said if I do get married and someone says no (for a baby), the marriage will break because this is my calling. So let me have a baby first, so no one can question it.”

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Sushmita’s father signed off his entire property in former’s adopted daughter, Renee’s name

At the end of the conversation, Sushmita revealed how her father became the ‘father figure’ in her daughters, Renee and Alisah’s lives. Not only that, for the sake of law, Shubeer also signed off his entire property in the name of Renee. Sushmita concluded:

“My father laughed and said, ‘I don’t know what has happened to her, but she is very convinced.’ It was with his support, that the courts finally gave me Rene. Without him I would not have been able to… The Indian system is very particular, if not a father, a father figure, and that no better person than your own father. The law says the father must sign half of his assets to the child, to show intent. My father signed off everything in her name. I am epicly proud of him, the father I am born to, in a country like India. For him to have done that, it is unbelievable.”

On the work front, Sushmita Sen is currently seen in the show, Taali. Next, she will be seen in the third season of her web series, Aarya.

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