Nayanthara Revealed Why She Doesn’t Give Interviews, Angrily Lashed Out At The Media In Viral Video


Nayanthara Revealed Why She Doesn't Give Interviews, Angrily Lashed Out At The Media In Viral Video

Nayanthara, popularly known as the lady superstar in Tamil cinema, prefers to lead a low-key life. The actress, who mesmerised the audience with her performance in Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Jawan, was absent from the film’s success press meet. While Nayanthara skipped the event due to her mother’s birthday, not many know that she distanced herself from the media years ago. Not only this, the actress has not given any interviews for some years now, and her media appearances have also been limited. 

Nayanthara lashed out at the media in a viral video 

Did you know Nayanthara had once revealed why she took a massive step back from the media and shared that it was because of the distasteful reports written about her? In an old video which surfaced on Reddit, Nayanthara was seen giving an interview to a news channel, Asianet, and broke her silence about her decision to ban interviews. Talking in Malayalam, the actress shared how the media targeted her unnecessarily with unverified gossip, which hurt her and her family.

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Nayanthara revealed how the negative rumours about her affected her family

Nayanthara also opened up about how the Malayalam audience criticised her for doing glamourous roles in Tamil movies, while she portrayed simple but powerful roles in Malayalam. However, the criticism didn’t go well with the actress, and in the same interview, she emphasised on the dynamics of Tamil cinema and pointed out that she can’t play a prominent role in a film headlined by Rajinikanth and Ajith. Revealing how the reports affected her family, Nayanthara said:

“Won’t my family get hurt? What did I do for my family to get hurt? What I am doing is my work. I am doing what my directors are telling me. No one can point out anything in that. Why are you doing glamourous [roles] and not doing homely [roles]. No one has the right to ask all these things. If you like it, you can watch, if you don’t like it then don’t watch. There are so many people who like to watch and who like me. You can criticise but you need to be right about things.”

Nayanthara revealed why she doesn’t give interviews anymore

Speaking along the same lines, she shared that she was also affected by her wedding rumours circulating in the media back in those days. Nayanthara further clarified that she is okay with positive feedback, but when people criticise her for her film choices, she gets pissed off. Talking about the controversies about her life, the actress mentioned that she knows when to give a statement and when to avoid it. In Nayanthara’s words:

“You shouldn’t have done this character this way, or your acting was not to the point, these are proper criticisms. And not the ones who come and say why did you do that, etc. This is why I stopped giving interviews, and when there are controversies about me, I know when I need to clarify, and I will clarify only at that time. Otherwise, I would not say anything. A lot of things are written about me to provoke me, I just simply don’t get provoked. Only when I feel I want to speak about something, only that time I will talk about it.”

To watch the video, click here.

Why Nayanthara was missing from Jawan’s promotional events?

Meanwhile, reports are rife that Nayanthara was upset with Jawan‘s director, Atlee Kumar, and thus, she refrained from attending press conferences and promotional events. However, a source close to the actress rubbished the claims and told the Hindustan Times that Nayanthara had distanced herself from the media due to her past experience. The source was quoted as saying:

“Nayanthara never goes to the films events. She follows a no promotion policy for her films because of her bad experiences in the past when she was misquoted and because she feels that her job is to act and not get involved in the promotional activities.”

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Nayanthara’s marriage and kids

For the unversed, Nayanthara dated Vignesh Shivan for seven years and tied the knot with him on June 9, 2022, in an intimate ceremony. It was Vignesh Shivan who took to his Instagram handle and shared moments from his marriage ceremony with his wife, Nayanthara and announced their wedding to the world. A few months into their marital bliss, on October 9, 2022, they welcomed their twin sons, Uyir and Ulag, into their lives via surrogacy.

nayanthara vignesh

What are your views about Nayanthara’s old video? Let us know.

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Nayanthara Dismisses The Reports Of Her Being Upset With Atlee, Drops Pics, Pens, ‘Proud Of You’


Nayanthara Dismisses The Reports Of Her Being Upset With Atlee, Drops Pics, Pens, 'Proud Of You'

Jawan, the blockbuster movie, has been winning hearts worldwide. As per the latest reports, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie is on its way to mark Rs. 1,000 crore at the global box office. The cast, makers, and the director of the movie have been beaming with joy over the massive success of the film. For those who don’t know, the movie featured Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, and others. However, amid the Jawan craze that has been going on, a few reports have claimed that Nayanthara is upset with the director, Atlee Kumar as her role was sidelined in the film. And now it seems like the actress indirectly reacted to these reports.

Nayanthara indirectly dismissed the reports of her being upset with Jawan director, Atlee

Taking to her IG handle on September 21, 2023, Nayanthara dropped a collage picture with Atlee Kumar to wish him on his birthday. The photos featured the actress and the director from the Jawan set. Sharing the pictures, Nayanthara wished the dynamic director and said that she’s proud of him. Nayanthara wrote:

“Happy birthday @atlee47. So proud of you.”

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When reports claimed that Nayanthara was upset with Atlee

Earlier, a report by the Hindustan Times mentioned Nayanthara is quite upset with the director for the way her role in the movie was chopped, whereas Deepika Padukone’s role, who played a cameo in the movie, was elevated. The source could be quoted as saying:

“She has been very upset with Atlee because her role was chopped in the film. Also, Deepika’s (Padukone) character was elevated, and Nayantara’s part was significantly sidelined.”


For the unversed, Deepika in the film played the role of ‘Aishwarya’, and the actress aced her role in such a way that everyone was left teary-eyed. A few days ago, Deepika revealed that she didn’t even charge a penny for her role in the movie. Talking about the same, the source also mentioned that it didn’t even feel like Deepika had a cameo role in Jawan. Instead, it looked like a Deepika-SRK movie. The source shared that Nayanthara isn’t happy with her treatment in Jawan, and she might not sign any Bollywood movies anytime soon. The source mentioned:

“It was not a cameo at all. Jawan was almost made to look like an SRK-Deepika film. Nayanthara is the leading actor down south, and hence, she was not happy with the treatment of Jawan. And that can never well be the reason why we might not see her in a Bollywood project, at least not anytime soon.”

When Nayanthara missed the promotional events and the success meet of Jawan

For those who don’t know, Nayanthara couldn’t be seen in any of the promotional events of the then-upcoming film, Jawan. However, it’s worth mentioning that Naynthara reportedly doesn’t take any part in the promotions of her films and follows a no-promotion policy as in the past she was misquoted for the same, and this is why the actress has refrained from any promotional activity. Talking about the success party of the movie, Jawan, SRK has revealed that the actress couldn’t join them due to her mother’s birthday. 

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Nayanthara’s fees for Jawan

As per several reports, Nayanthara charged a whopping sum between Rs. 11 crores to Rs. 30 crores for working in Atlee’s Jawan. It’s worth mentioning no such confirmation about the same has yet been made officially.


Do you think Nayanthara slightly dismissed the reports of her being upset with Atlee? Let us know!

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‘Jawan’ Director, Atlee Credits SRK For Accepting To Work In Rs. 30 Crores Film When Nobody Else Did


'Jawan' Director, Atlee Credits SRK For Accepting To Work In Rs. 30 Crores Film When Nobody Else Did

Atlee’s first Hindi directorial, Jawan has currently created a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement among the lovers of Indian cinema. With a stellar star cast, that includes none other than Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, Vijay Sethupati, Priyamani amongst others, the film has already created a wave at the box-office. Recently, the entire cast and crew of the film sat down for a media interaction at the press event post the release of the film. And amidst everyone else sharing their thoughts about the film, it’s the mastermind behind it all, Atlee who shared some interesting details about the making of the film.

Atlee credits Shah Rukh Khan for agreeing to do Jawan despite a low-budget

Speaking during the press event, filmmaker, Atlee revealed a beautiful anecdote about Jawan’s protagonist and the superstar himself, Shah Rukh Khan. Atlee highlighted how he had a low budget of Rs. 30 crores in all to make the film, and recalled that he had shared the script of the film to SRK over a Zoom call during the times of the pandemic. Heaping praises on the superstar, Atlee then credited Shah Rukh for agreeing to do such a film and giving it a greenlight, since no other actor would have given the project a go-ahead on such a low budget. He mentioned:

“I narrated the film on a Zoom call during Covid times. I know theatrical footfall was going down and people were not ready to greenlight even a 30-40 crore film. I know because I am also a producer. But sir (Shah Rukh Khan) greenlighted a Rs. 300 crore film when everyone was sceptical. But we didn’t stop at Rs. 300 crores. We went more. We made a blockbuster in three days and now, we are flying.”

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When Atlee shared SRK’s unmissable reaction after learning the pregnancy news of his wife

Back in August 2023, Atlee and the team of Jawan had assembled together for the pre-release event of the film. While speaking about many other things regarding the film, Atlee had revealed a special backstory about the kind of bonding he shared with Shah Rukh Khan. The filmmaker revealed how SRK advised him to take care of his wife, Krishna Priya after he learnt that she was pregnant. However, while listening to the special anecdote, Atlee’s wife got teary-eyed.


When Atlee credited SRK for the magnanimous success of Jawan

On September 11, 2023, Atlee was felicitated at the special screening of Jawan scheduled for the Mumbai Police and the Indian Army. During the event, Atlee delivered a small speech and credited the entire success of the film to none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Calling the experience of working with him an overwhelming one, Atlee had said:

“It is very overwhelming and it is God’s blessing. God is so kind to us, and I think we have done our part as filmmakers to entertain the audience. I think it is entertaining on the theatre screen, and people are really happy about it, and they are showering their love. Mainly, it’s all because of Mr Shah Rukh sir, and thanks to Mr Shah Rukh sir, Red Chillies, and the entire core team who have worked with us day and night for the last three and a half years.”

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srk atlee

When SRK revealed how he and Atlee tricked Deepika to do a full-fledged role in the name of a cameo

During the post-release event of Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan spoke about associating with his frequent co-actress, Deepika Padukone yet again in the film. But this time she had a short screen presence in the film, and instead played the role of SRK’s mother in the film. Sharing more along the same lines, Shah Rukh mentioned how he and the filmmaker, Atlee was able to trick Deepika, in the name of firendship, into doing a full-fledged role in the name of cameo, since her character is the pivotal part of the film’s plot.


What do you think about Atlee’s revelations? Let us know.

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Ridhi Dogra Recalls Being Uncertain To Play Older Than SRK, Says No Phones Were Allowed On Jawan Set


Ridhi Dogra Recalls Being Uncertain To Play Older Than SRK, Says No Phones Were Allowed On Jawan Set

Ridhi Dogra is a popular face in the entertainment industry. The actress is recently basking in success and glory with her last film, Jawan. For the unversed, Ridhi was seen as ‘Kaveri Amma’,  i.e., Shah Rukh’s adoptive mother in the film. There’s no denying the fact that Ridhi’s role in this film received much love from the audience. Ridhi, who is nearly 20 years younger than SRK in real life, recently shared her feelings about playing an older role in the film than the actor.

Ridhi Dogra reveals that she was uncertain about playing an older character to SRK in Jawan

In a recent IG post, Ridhi penned a long note, wherein she thanked the audience for showering so much love upon her character. In her note, the actress shared that at first, she was a bit uncertain about playing an older character to Shah Rukh Khan in Atlee’s movie. Ridhi also mentioned that she finally decided to give it a go. Calling Jawan a test and a golden opportunity for her, Ridhi mentioned how she was juggling between so many projects of hers. An excerpt from Ridhi’s note can be read as:

“As an actor, I thought ‘Wow, it’s an Atlee film and I’m playing Old and that too to Shah Rukh! AM I MAD?!’ And I decided to do it. For the Kick of it. To get uncomfortable. To stay Mad. In between schedules for Asur/Badtameez Dil/Pitchers/Lakadbagha – Conducive spaces for me to showcase my characters comfortably… Jawan was a Test and a GOLDEN opportunity.”

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Ridhi Dogra heaped praises on her ‘favourite co-star for life’, Shah Rukh Khan

In the same note, Ridhi mentioned that she was on a roller coaster journey during the shooting of the film. But as a student of cinema, playing a part in SRK’s movie was like a dream coming true. The actress also heaped praises on Shah Rukh and shared that it was a privilege for her to watch the superstar on stage and to witness his dedication, patience, and focus. Talking more about the same, Ridhi penned:

“I was speechless or dumbfounded. And the old age prosthetics didn’t help my swag AT ALL. But to see Shah Rukh on set. His dedication. His patience. His focus. His commitment to the larger picture was just such a Privilege.”

Ridhi Dogra mentions that no phones were allowed on the sets on Jawan

In the concluding segment of her note, Ridhi Dogra showered love upon the whole team of Jawan and talked about their hard work on the sets. At the end of her note, Ridhi mentioned that no phone was allowed on the set of the film.

Watch the video here.

When Ridhi Dogra talked about her experience of working in Jawan and called it a lifetime opportunity

Earlier, in an interview with Film Companion, Ridhi Dogra talked about her experience of working in Jawan. The actress shared that she is thrilled to be a part of the biggest film of the decade. Talking about the director, Ridhi mentioned that although she was a bit nervous, she was also super excited to work under Atlee’s vision.

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In the same interview, Ridhi shared what it felt like working alongside the stalwarts, including SRK, Vijay Senapathi, Nayanthara, and more. The diva mentioned that she bagged some memories that she will cherish forever. The actress also stated that playing a part in such a big-budget movie is no less than a lifetime opportunity.

What are your views on Ridhi’s latest revelations? Let us know!

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Bigil – Unakaga Official Lyric Video | Thalapathy Vijay, Nayanthara | A.R Rahman | Atlee | AGS


Bigil – Unakaga Official Lyric Video | Thalapathy Vijay, Nayanthara | A.R Rahman | Atlee | AGS

The quintessential #ARRahman vibes all through this soul-stirring #Unakaga from #Bigil! Sung by Sreekanth Hariharan and Madhura Dhara Talluri, this signature melody written by Vivek is bound to give every listener the love feels! Directed by Atlee, this Thalapathy & Nayanthara starrer hits screens for Diwali 2019.

Watch the official Tamil lyric video now!

Movie – Bigil
Song – Unakaga
Singers – Sreekanth Hariharan, Madhura Dhara Talluri
Lyrics – Vivek
Music – A.R. Rahman
Starring – Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir
Directed by Atlee
DOP – G K Vishnu
Producer – Kalpathi S. Aghoram
Banner – AGS Entertainment

Flute : Kareem Kamalakar
Veena : Punya Srinivas
Strings : Chennai Strings Orchestra
Conducted by Prabakar
Backing Vocals – Veena Murali, Deepthi Suresh, Lavita Lobo, Ala B Bala, Abinaya, Soundarya
Vocal Arrangement – Arjun Chandy
Additional Programming and Arrangement – T R Krishna Chetan, Kumaran Sivamani, Santhosh Dhayanidhi

Sound Engineers
Panchathan Record Inn, Chennai – Suresh Permal, Karthik Sekaran, Suryansh, Barath, Riyasdeen
AM Studios, Chennai – Sivakumar S, Kannan Ganpat, Pradeep Menon, Krishnan, Manoj Raman, Aravind MS
Mixed By T R Krishna Chetan, Pradeep Baskaran
Mastered by Suresh Permal
MFiT – S Sivakumar
Musicans Co ordinator – TM Faizuddin, Abdul Haiyum, Siddique
Musican Fixer – Samidurai R
Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

© 2019 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

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