Perfect International Rom-Com Dramas To Indulge In: From ‘Suno Chanda’ To ‘Hidden Love’


Perfect International Rom-Com Dramas To Indulge In: From 'Suno Chanda' To 'Hidden Love'

Content consumption in the form of dramas has always been a means of entertainment. However, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown shut everyone in their homes, the rate of indulging in content of choice has skyrocketed. Romantic comedies are one such genre that has always appealed to the masses. With the increased accessibility to OTT and international content, the options and variety of content to choose from have broadened by folds. 

Now that viewers have such a wide variety of options, they tend to get confused most of the time about which one to prioritise as their first watch. All the more because viewers now have access to dramas from every country. To clear out that hassle, we have curated a list of the best binge-able watches for all the rom-com lovers out there.

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#1. Suno Chanda season 1 and 2

Suno Chanda is the ultimate comfort rom-com for all its lovers out there. The story revolves around the lives of ‘Jiya’ and ‘Arsaal’ and their families. The two cousins are set to get married in an arranged set-up, but the duo join hands to plot against it as they ‘supposedly’ can’t stand each other. Watch the two fall in love in season 1.

In season two of Suno Chanda, ‘Jiya’ and ‘Arsaal’ are married, and it is now their story of dealing with life after marriage. Where ‘Jiya’ wants to go abroad to study, ‘Arsaal’ doesn’t want the same. The season’s highlight is the sweet relationship between ‘Jiya’ and her mother-in-law, ‘Sahana’. 

#2. Hidden Love

Hidden Love is the most talked-about drama of 2023, and rightfully so. The drama sets relationship goals like no other and depicts the ultimate ‘green flag’ in the form of its male lead, ‘Duan Jiaxu’. The story is of a girl, ‘Sang Zhi’ who had a massive crush on her brother’s best friend when she was in school. However, as fate had its way, the two separated, only to meet again and fall in love. The drama is one of the cutest, and every rom-com lover should definitely watch it once. 

#3. King The Land

Hallyu produces the best romantic comedies of all time, and King The Land is no different. The story is of a five-star hotel worker, ‘Cheon Sa-rang’ and the son of the hotel’s owner, ‘Gu Won’. The two fall in love, overcoming their opposite personalities and helping each other grow. The drama also depicts a friendship story of ‘six-siblings’, i.e., the fried group formed by ‘Cheon Sa-rang’ and ‘Gu Won’s friends. 

#4. Hum Tum

What’s more entertaining than a story of academic rivals bickering and falling in love? That is precisely the story of Pakistani drama, Hum Tum. The story follows the lives of neighbours, ‘Neha’ and ‘Adam’, who constantly try to outsmart one another. ‘Neha’s father is a university professor who has always preferred ‘Adam’ over ‘Neha’. This has always been the main cause of their fights, but they soon need to form an ally as their elder siblings fell in love and decided to get married.

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#5. Love 020

This Chinese drama is the perfect crossover of video games and college life romance. Following the life of ‘Bei Weiwei’, the plot is about her falling in love with the campus heartthrob, ‘Xiao Nai’. The two then face both their real-life and virtual challenges together. It is a feel-good drama with lots of jealousy, misunderstandings and friendship equations. 

#6. The Legends Of The Blue Sea

Starring the Hallyu superstar, Lee Min Ho, The Legends Of The Blue Sea is the ultimate fantasy rom-com. The plot follows the story of a mermaid, ‘Sim Cheong’ who accidentally enters the human world and meets a con artist, ‘Hoe Joon-jae’ who has a connection to her past. Starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun in lead roles, the drama is a laughter riot with ounces of endearing scenes of the main leads. 

#7. True Beauty

True Beauty delivers a strong message about real inner beauty and self-acceptance but in a humorous way. The story is of ‘Lim Ju-Kyung’, a high school student who is very insecure about her looks because she is constantly bullied for her appearance. As ‘Lim Ju-Kyung’ shifts to a new school, she masters the art of makeup and conceals her real face. She gradually gains popularity in her new school and even falls into a love triangle with her classmates ‘Lee Su-ho’ and ‘Han Seo-jun’. The drama is a perfect blend of friendship, romance and humour.

#8. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star is one of the most successful K-dramas that took Asia by storm. ‘Cheon Song Yi’ is an airheaded actress battling a career crisis. She moves next door to ‘Kim Soo Hyun’, an alien. ‘Soo Hyun’ is immediately annoyed with ‘Song Yi’s outrageous behavior. Similarly, ‘Song Yi’ is irritated by ‘Min Joon’s distant and arrogant nature. However, the two get used to each other over time and fall in love. The banter between the two and their chemistry is too good to miss.

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#9. Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kaha

One can’t leave out Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kaha when talking about rom-com dramas. The drama casts Burak Deniz and Hande Ercel in lead roles. The story revolves around ‘Hayat’, a college graduate who crosses paths with multi-billionaire, ‘Murat’. The duo develop a love-hate relationship, the plot thickens when the pair is forced to work together, and ‘Hayat’ further fakes her identity. This is perfect for beginners of Turkish dramas as it has an immaculate amount of romance and comedy.

#10. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My Girlfriend Is An Alien is a story about an alien ‘Chai Xiaoqi’ who accidentally lands on Earth and is searching for her way out. ‘Chai’ isn’t equipped with human civilisation traits, hence she struggles to survive. She then meets ‘Fang Leng’, a billionaire businessman, and the duo engages in a whirlwind of romance. This love affair obstructs ‘Chai Xiaogi’ from heading back to her planet as a resident of Earth now captures her heart. The drama is laughter riot and full of cutesy fluttering moments. 

These are just a few of the rom-coms that one must indulge in. Let us know which one of these is your favourite.

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