BTS’ Jungkook Reveals Details About His Love Life, Introduces His Girlfriend, Says, ‘I Only Have…’


BTS' Jungkook Reveals Details About His Love Life, Introduces His Girlfriend, Says, 'I Only Have...'

BTS’ Jungkook is currently busy taking over the world of music with his latest single, 3D (feat. Jack Harlow). The ‘Golden Maknae’s recent song, which he released on September 29, 2023, is already breaking previously unheard records. He earned the third spot on Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Song Global’ chart for two days with his 3D audio streams.

Every now and then, the members of the K-pop group, BTS conduct live interaction with their fans, aka ARMY (BTS’ fandom), on a platform called Weverse. Jungkook did a live on the same platform on October 2, 2023. During the interaction with fans on Weverse, he addressed rumours about his alleged romantic relationship.

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Jungkook finally broke his silence over the rumours regarding his alleged girlfriend

BTS member, Jungkook has finally put to rest a burning question that had been circulating among his fans, the BTS ARMY, for quite some time. After numerous comments inquiring about whether he had a girlfriend, Jungkook confirmed that he is currently single. However, he also introduced his ‘girlfriend’, which may have been a playful response. Jungkook was reading the comments and said:

“I keep seeing your posts consistently asking about a girlfriend, however, I going to make myself clear here, I do not have a girlfriend.”

Jungkook made it clear and emphasised his point, leaving no room for misinterpretation. He clarified:

“I am not in any relationship presently. My focus and commitment are targeted primarily at my work. Consequently, I’d appreciate it if these unnecessary discussions regarding my supposed girlfriend cease.”

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Jungkook said ‘ARMYs’ is the only girlfriend he has

He reassured his fans by expressing his strong bond with them, using their collective name, ARMY, in a loving gesture. Jungkook said:

“I only have ARMYs. I’m only looking at ARMYs. ARMYs, be my girlfriend. Okay?? I only look at ARMYs because I’m ARMYbaragi (armyflower-like sunflower). Ah, do I need to say this in English, too? ARMYs, please spread this in English until far, far away. You’re gonna tell people that I’m your boyfriend if they ask? Okay, do it! Tell them I’m your boyfriend or friend or older or younger brother or family.”

The rumours around Jungkook’s ‘girlfriend’ caught wildfire when a viral video on social media purportedly showed a man who was believed to be Jungkook. He was in a room with a girl. Fans requested that he take legal action against those responsible for circulating the alleged video. BTS’ ‘golden maknae’ then said: 

“There’s no need to sue them. Just leave it be. Leave it be, leave it be. This just gives them attention. If you don’t give them attention, they won’t do that. Thank you. I love you. Let me embrace you with love.”

Jungkook is preparing for the launch of his solo mini-album. During an interview with Suga’s show, Suchwita, he mentioned that the album would be released by November 2023.

What are your thoughts on Jungkook’s revelation regarding his ‘girlfriend’? Let us know.

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