Lakshmi Manchu On Slapping A Man During Her Interview, Says ‘I Slapped Him And He Deserved It’


Lakshmi Manchu On Slapping A Man During Her Interview, Says 'I Slapped Him And He Deserved It'

Famous Indian actress, Lakshmi Manchu is known for her work in the Telugu industry, and she is also hailed as one of the most-loved interviewer, thanks to her show, Lakshmi Talk Show . She has also made her international debut with American television serial, Las Vegas. While Lakshmi is famous for the work she had done, recently, she has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It all started when Lakshmi graced the South Indian International Movie Awards in Dubai. A video from the event made rounds on the internet, wherein she was seen hitting a man and yelling at another during her red carpet appearance.

Lakshmi Manchu reacted to the viral video

Recently, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Lakshmi talked about the viral video of hitting a man. She confessed that she had slapped and he deserved it. She added that he walked through the camera while she was on stage and this is why he deserved the slap. Lakshmi was quoted as saying:

“That person very well knew that I was on a red carpet. It was not some random person taking a video. But he was so nonchalant, and just walked through the camera. I am an actor, you don’t come in front of my camera. Never do that with any artiste. He rightly got what he deserved. These are basic manners that people don’t have. I slapped him and he deserved it. I didn’t go out of my way. He came into my world,” laments Manchu, talking about the video going viral.”

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Lakshmi further admitted that the host asked the cameraperson to stop recording, but she wasn’t afraid of the clip getting out. She shared:

“I asked her to keep it. I can protect myself. I don’t care if it gets out. I am also an interviewer and have seen people come and say certain things where they feel they have shared too much. And then I get a call back asking me not to air that. I’ve done that for every celebrity and you respect them. But I don’t care.”

Lakshmi Manchu’s viral video of hitting a man

In the viral video that has left the internet berserk, Lakshmi was seen giving a byte to the interviewer, and a man walked through her camera. The visibly irritated Lakshmi instantly slapped the man. When another man tried to walk in front of the camera, she angrily said:

“Go behind the camera dude, basic.” 

Watch the video here!

What do you think of Lakshmi’s action?

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