Rizwan Sajan: Danube’s Founder, Worked As A Street Vendor, Delivered Milk, Rs 18,000 Crore Net Worth


Rizwan Sajan: Danube's Founder, Worked As A Street Vendor, Delivered Milk, Rs 18,000 Crore Net Worth

Rizwan Sajan is one of the most renowned Indians in UAE, courtesy of his company, Danube Group. It started like any other company in the world with humble beginnings. However, in recent decades, Danube Group has become one of the biggest names in Dubai’s real estate sector. As of now, Danube Group is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate which deals in building materials and brokerage.

The Instagram handle of the renowned businessman, Rizwan Sajan is filled with videos of him showing lavish and mesmerising properties to renowned Indian celebrities. From partnering with Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi for a marketing ad for his company, Danube Properties, Rizwan has proved the mettle of his reach.

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Also, from television celebrities to sports personalities, Rizwan has shown excellent properties in Dubai to many renowned Indian celebs, who are interested in investing in Dubai. The entrepreneur’s IG handle is filled with such videos, which is one reason why he is so prevalent in India despite making a name for himself in Dubai.

Rizwan Sajan was just 16 years old when his father passed away

There’s a famous saying that ‘hard times create strong men’, which is exactly the case when we talk about Rizwan Sajan. The Dubai businessman was just 16 years old when his father passed away. Once, in an interview with Gulf News, Rizwan Sajan recalled the days after his father’s death and revealed that his daddy worked in a steel factory as a supervisor and was earning Rs. 7,000 per month. He said:

“My father worked as a supervisor in a steel factory earning Rs 7,000 a month.”

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Rizwan Sajan was the eldest child; as a result, the responsibility to take care of his three siblings and mother fell on his shoulders. It was challenging for him and his family as they even struggled to make ends meet. No relatives or friends of Rizwan’s father were there to support his family, but they survived that back-breaking phase courtesy of the young kid’s valour, who was ready to take on the world for his family.

As a result, Rizwan Sajan decided to work as a street vendor. From selling books in a stationery shop to working as a street vendor, he did everything he could to provide for his family. There came a point in his struggle story when he was delivering milk. Recalling the situation, Rizwan, in a conversation with Gulf News, shared how he was running the household and paying his siblings’ school fees. He said:

“Things were tough, really tough. It was a hand-to-mouth situation with running the household and paying school fees.”

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When Rizwan Sajan’s uncle offered him a job in Kuwait

When Rizwan Sajan was working as a street vendor, he got a call from one of his uncles, who was living in Kuwait, and the latter offered him a job there. The youngster wasted no time and flew to Kuwait, where he started working as a sales trainee.

Rizwan Sajan was 18 when he started working in Kuwait on a salary of Rs. 18,000. After working for the next eight years, he was promoted to sales manager. Everything was going great, but in 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and destroyed almost everything in the city. At that time, Rizwan flew back to Mumbai, India, and started searching for jobs.

When and how Rizwan Sajan started his company, Danube Group

When Rizwan Sajan was looking for a job in India, he received a call from Dubai, as he had built some connections in UAE with his eight years of work experience in Kuwait. As a result, he went to Dubai and started working in a company dealing in brokerage and building materials. After working for some time and learning all the tips and tricks of the trade, he decided to start his own company.

It was back in 1993 when Rizwan Sajan brought his idea on paper, and the Danube Group was founded. The decision was fruitful for Rizwan as he put his soul and everything to build his company. As per multiple reports, in 2019, Rizwan’s Danube Group was worth 1.2 billion USD. It was a massive success for Rizwan and his team, and they’re now among the leading names in Dubai’s real estate market.

Danube Group’s founder, Rizwan Sajan’s net worth

It’s incredible how Rizwan Sajan took charge of his life and changed it in the most inspiring way possible. As per multiple reports, Rizwan’s net worth is around the mammoth figure of Rs. 18,000 crores.

Well, we are in love with Rizwan Sajan’s success story. What about you? Let us know.

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