Sima Taparia Gets Brutally Trolled On Reddit After She Blames Educated Girls For High Divorce Rates


Sima Taparia Gets Brutally Trolled On Reddit After She Blames Educated Girls For High Divorce Rates

The popular Indian matchmaker, Sima Taparia has become a known face across India after the release of the reality show, Indian Matchmaking’s first season in 2020. The first season of the show created a huge buzz on the internet as the show’s format was quite unique for the Indian audience. So far, we have seen three seasons of the famous show, Indian Matchmaking, and if the reports are to be believed, the fourth season is in development. It will reportedly air around April 2024.

Sima Taparia brutally trolled for blaming educated girls for high divorce rates in India

Indian Matchmaking has created a series of controversies during the release of its respective seasons. However, the show’s real star, Sima Taparia is in the headlines, even when the show isn’t running. Well, the reason behind it isn’t quite pleasing, as she is getting trolled heavily on Reddit by Redditors. The reason behind it is a clip from Sima’s interview with Mashable India that is going viral on different social media platforms.

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For the unversed, in an interview with Mashable India for The Bombay Journey, the show’s host, Siddhaarth Aalambayan spotted talking to Sima Taparia as they were discussing the divorce rates in India. In this discussion, Sima labelled educated girls as the ‘main factor’ behind high divorce rates in India. In the beginning, she was quite neutral about the scenario of genders in divorce and stated that people who usually seek divorce are egoistic. However, later in her statement, she mentioned how educated girls are no longer ready to adjust in their married life.

In her controversial statement, Sima Taparia also added that after girls get educated and start working, they decide not to listen to anybody. Her regressive thought about ‘educated women in India’ has hurt the sentiments of a lot of people, especially women. The problematic statement is doing rounds on the internet, and Redditors are leaving no stone unturned in trolling the famous matchmaker.

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Netizens trolled Sima Taparia for her comments about educated women and divorce rates in India

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One Redditor commented how Sima Taparia is getting famous through negative publicity. The comment can be read as “Aunty cringe watch ke chakkar mein zyada hi famous hoti chali ja rahi hai.” Not only this, another Redditor even questioned the authenticity of Sima’s show, Indian Matchmaking, as the user speculated that the success rate of the marriage done by them is pretty low. The Redditor’s comment can be read as:

“Indian Matchmaking mein koi ek bhi shaadi acchi hui hai? Recently I heard woh Mumbai ka Gora ladka jog Aunty ji do seasons se dikha rahi thi, uspe domestic violence ka case file kiya hai uski wife ne.”

When Sima Taparia revealed she doesn’t work with clients from certain communities

In the same interview with Mashable India, Sima Taparia also revealed that she doesn’t work with almost everyone, as she revealed the background she looks for before saying yes to a client. The matchmaker revealed that she doesn’t work with Christian, Parsi and Muslim clients. She also shared that she has clients with high salary packages, which is another reason why she cannot work with people with lower salary packages. The statement again caught a lot of heat on social media, but luckily, it didn’t become a big controversy.


What are your thoughts on Sima Taparia’s comments about educated women and high divorce rates in India? Let us know.

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