Will Smith Reportedly Slapped Chris Rock At The 2022 ‘Oscars’ For Asking Jada Pinkett For A Date


Will Smith Reportedly Slapped Chris Rock At The 2022 'Oscars' For Asking Jada Pinkett For A Date

Jada Pinkett spilled the beans on the infamous 2022 Oscar slap, and the reason may be totally different than what we all have presumed it to be. Back in 2022, Will Smith ran on the stage and slapped the host and comedian, Chris Rock. The controversy peaked, and Will Smith had to apologise publicly and was also banned from the Oscars. Recently, Jada Pinkett revealed some rare insights on the incidents, and the details may shock you.

In 2022, the Oscar slap was the talk of the town, and when investigating what caused the slap, it was reported that Will Smith was offended by Chris Rock’s insensitive jokes about his wife, Jada Pinkett. However, in an interview with a media outlet, Today, Jada spilled that a romantic vendetta may be involved in the slap fiasco. 

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Chris Rock asked Jada Pinkett for a date even when she was married to Will Smith

In her recent interview, Jada Pinkett divulged that Chris Rock called her one summer and asked her out on a date. This was during the time she was already married to Will Smith. However, there were false rumours about her divorce with Will, and Chris thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask her out.

Jada added that when she told Chris her divorce news was false, he was appalled and profusely apologised for misunderstanding the situation. This proposal of Chris reportedly did not go well with Will Smith, which may be one of the many reasons for the 2022 Oscar slap. 

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have been unofficially divorced for the last seven years

Chris Rock asking her out for a date wasn’t the only bomb Jada Pinkett dropped in the interview. She also revealed that Will Smith and her marriage has hit the rock bottom, and the duo have been leading separate lives for the past 7 years. The couple lives separately and are not divorced on paper, however, nothing is left in their marriage.

Jada Pinkett revealed that there were troubles in their marriage for long, but by 2016, they were just tired of trying to resolve their issues. She added that by that time, the two were out of their imaginary land and saw each other for who they actually were, and the reality wasn’t exactly ideal. Jada further added:

“I think we were both kind of just still stuck in our fantasy of what we thought the other person should be,”

Let us know your views on the namesake relationship of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

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