Taylor Swift Turns Saving Grace For Sophie Turner Amidst Her Ugly Divorce With Joe Jonas


Taylor Swift Turns Saving Grace For Sophie Turner Amidst Her Ugly Divorce With Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift has, time and again, proved that she is the most treasured friend one can ever ask for. This time, if reports from the media outlet, Pagesix, are to be trusted, Taylor Swift has turned into a saving grace angel for her friend, Sophie Turner. For the unversed, Sophie has been battling an ugly divorce with her estranged husband, Joe Jonas. The former couple are figuring out the custody arrangements for their children, and the process has become more complex than anticipated.

After dating for three years, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the knot on May 2, 2019. The couple are proud parents to two beautiful daughters. Their first child, Willa, was born in 2020, while their second daughter, Delphine, was born in 2022. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Jonas are parting ways after four years of marriage. This news came to the forefront after the couple faced ‘serious problems’ during their togetherness.

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Taylor Swift turned a saving grace for Sophie Turner

As Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are amidst their bitter divorce and custody feud, Taylor Swift has reportedly lent a helping hand to her friend, Sophie. The Game Of Throne actress is not a native of the U.S. where the divorce proceedings are taking place, hence, her dear friend graciously let her and her two children reside in her New York downtown house.

On September 27, 2023, Sophie Turner was spotted in her casual ‘homebody’ attire leaving Swift’s N.Y. apartment with her daughters. She loaded two suitcases in a van and waved goodbye to the vehicle before re-entering her house. Also, Sophie has repeatedly been spotted in and around the neighbourhood, further escalating speculation that Taylor Swift’s N.Y. downtown house is indeed her temporary abode.

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Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner’s friendship

Contrary to popular opinion, Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner are not ‘new friends’. Infact, their friendship runs long back to 2019, when the duo first met at the Graham Norton Show and became buddies. The two have consistently been in touch ever since and have even promoted each other’s work and posted positive reviews about the other.

We all should have a friend like Taylor Swift in our life. Let us know what you guys think about it. 

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