The Score Magazine September 2023 issue ft Nikhita Gandhi – Highonscore

Harmonizing Emotions: A Soulful Conversation with Nikhita Gandhi

Music Technology: MIDI Guitar: All You Need To Know

Score Indie Quickie: Vasuda Sharma

Fingerprints by Purbayan Chatterjee: Tradition and Innovation 

Read about: Exploring the Healing and Meditative Aspects of Indian Classical Music

Read more: Four Ways To Make Your Music More Interesting

In conversation with BeatCrush

Music Tech: How To Become Better At Improvisation

Interview: Nishant Hagjer

Also read: Hybrid Theory What Are Hybrid Guitar Strings, 6 Books to Read if You Are a Music Aficionado, Animals You Did Not Know That Sing, Note For Note: The Origins Of Musical Notation and more.

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