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For the past few months, Elon Musk-owned social media platform has been facing multiple technical issues. In February, Twitter users were unable to share tweets, send DMs and use Tweetdeck for some time. Meanwhile, in March, the micro-blogging site broke links and images for a short period. Now, a new bug is affecting users. A recent bug also allowed some users to edit their bios to briefly regain their Verified check marks.
According to a report by TechCrunch, multiple Twitter users were logged out without warning and the platform didn’t let them log back in. Several users reported the issue on Twitter before the site allowed some users to get back in after being ousted from the site.
How this bug affected users
The report claims that most users who use the desktop version of Twitter faced this issue. Some users also reported that they were being logged out repeatedly. The issue was occurring when users were browsing the Twitter website.
After the page refreshed, it redirected to the default website for Logged Out users. On this page, users can see a curated list of tweets. The page also shows users the option to sign in through Google, Apple or by creating a new account. Moreover, several users who access Twitter through the app also claimed that they were unable to sign into the site using any of the usual methods.

As per the report, the page where users can enter the code from a generator app was also not working. After entering the code, the page only refreshed and returned users to the same Logged Out page once again.
However, the issue has now been resolved but Twitter is yet to acknowledge the problem via its official Twitter or Twitter Support accounts. During this outage, the Downdetector website also showed a rapid increase in user complaints about the site. This indicated that the problem was quite widespread.

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