‘Tridev’ Fame, Sonam Khan On Her World Post Quitting Films: ‘My Life Was Dedicated To My Son’

Sonam Khan made a scintillating performance in the 90s decade with films like Tridev, Vishwatma, Ajooba among others. Moreover, she rose to fame with her suave dance moves in the hit song, Tirchi Topi Wale, whichis regarded as one of the most foot-tapping numbers even today. However, despite etching the future for a promising career, Sonam curtailed it short and made an exit, after getting married to filmmaker, Rajiv Rai. And now, she opened up about what occupied her all these years of her exile from cinema.

Sonam Khan reveals struggling for her autistic son all during her exit from the cinema

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sonam Khan opened up about what kept her busy the three decades that she had been away from the world of films. The talented actress revealed that post her marriage, she spent the most amount of time travelling across the world, and living practically out of a suitcase, just to find the right treatment for her son, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Revealing how her entire life revolved just around her son, Sonam mentioned:

“It has been 30 long years, so it feels like a lifetime. My life was dedicated to my son, wherever I went was because of him. He is autistic, so I went all around the world looking for treatments and therapies for him and also getting him educated in several places. I had a son even before I was 20, and when he was around four, I learnt that he is autistic. So I left, didn’t even think about anything.”

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Sonam reveals if she regrets anything about leaving stardom at the peak of her career

In the same interview, Sonam expressed whether she regrets leaving stardom right at a point when everybody thought she had a lot to contribute to the film industry. She highlighted that although she does not regret making all the sacrifices in her career just because of her son, nevertheless, she does regret not valuing her work deservedly when she used to get them. In her words:

“My son was my focus and I don’t regret it even on bit. But I do regret one thing- that I didn’t value the work which I got earlier. Because sometimes we get things so easily, that we don’t value it. That’s what happened with me. That is something I wish had not happened. But at the same time my son is with me so it has been worth it.”


Sonam on whether she is comfortable to age on-screen for her comeback

After a long wait of 30 years, Sonam Khan has decided to give her first love of films another chance and make a comeback. While she has previously as well, expressed her desire for hunting suitable opportunities that might come her way, she was also asked about her views on ageing on-screen for her comeback. To this, she mentioned that she has wholeheartedly accepted ageing as a natural phenomenon, and has no difficulty in playing characters of her age on-screen.

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When Sonam spoke about not having any friends in Bollywood due to professional rivalry

In one of her previous interviews with ETimes, Sonam Khan had recalled her short but prospering film career, and revealed how she lacked in having good friends from the film industry. She emphasised witnessing a lot of unhealthy competition and nasty catfights around her, especially between two actresses. However, she mentioned that she had a brief but exceptional camaraderie with her colleague, Divya Bharti.


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