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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has announced that the social media platform plans to offer media publishers a new way to earn revenue from their content.
Starting next month, publishers will have the option to charge users for access to individual articles they publish on Twitter. While this pay-per-article model may cost users more than a monthly subscription to the same content, Musk clarified that it is aimed at those interested in reading occasional stories. Therefore, the charge for each article is not expected to be as high as a full subscription.
The Twitter CEO says it is a major win for both users and media outlets.
Musk, in a tweet, said, “Rolling out next month, this platform will allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis with one click.”
“This enables users who would not sign up for a monthly subscription to pay a higher per article price for when they want to read an occasional article,” wrote Musk.
Musk has not divulged much into the details of Twitter’s pay-per-article plan, so details about the feature are currently unclear. It is unknown which types of accounts or media outlets will be able to use the per-article charging option. Also, it remains unknown what percentage of commission Twitter will take from the publishers.
The billionaire has previously stated that Twitter would not take any commission from creators for the first year of its subscription feature, which replaces the Super Followers. However, after the first year, Twitter will take a 10% cut on subscriptions.
Since the high-stake takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk has been bringing various changes to increase the platform’s revenue. The ‘verified’ blue checkmark, which was earlier free, is now a part of the paid Blue subscription. Musk took away the blue checkmarks of all the ‘legacy’ verified users; he had to give a free subscription to Blue after an outburst from celebrities.

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