Unleashing the Rhythmic Magic: Mastering the Resonant Stroke (Right hand) on Tabla

Title: Mastering Tabla: Learn the Resonant Stroke Technique


Namaste! Welcome to the Octaves Online YouTube channel, your ultimate destination for music learning. Today, we’ll delve into the art of playing the resonant stroke on the tabla, a beautiful percussion instrument. Mastering this technique requires precision and practice, so let’s get started!

Positioning Your Hand:

To begin, position your right hand with care. The focal point is the ring finger, which should be placed right next to the shahi, the black circle on the tabla. It’s important to note that the ring finger should not be placed flat but rather at a 45-degree angle, with the nail touching the tabla’s surface. The little finger should remain parallel to the ring finger, either touching the tabla or slightly elevated. Keep the middle finger and index finger raised, while the thumb should be slightly stretched out, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable palm. Pay close attention to this position, as it forms the foundation for the resonant stroke technique.

Executing the Resonant Stroke:

Now, let’s focus on the movement required to produce the resonant stroke. Imagine the motion of turning a doorknob—this is similar to the movement of your hand. Begin by placing the tip of your ring finger next to the shahi and then rotate your wrist, rolling over the ring finger tip sideways. Observe this movement closely. As you do this, utilize the tip of your index finger to strike the outer ring of the tabla. Remember, this stroke should be resonant, which means you must swiftly bounce the striking finger off the tabla. Avoid keeping it pressed down, as this would dampen the resonance. Practice bouncing the index finger back immediately after striking the outer ring, creating a crisp and resonant sound.

Perfecting the Technique:

As you perform the stroke, visualize the base of your thumb moving up and down, aiding in the correct movement. It’s crucial to maintain alignment between your fingers and forearm, avoiding any excessive bending of the wrist. Keep your fingers aligned with your forearm, ensuring the ring finger tip remains next to the shahi. Rotate your wrist, roll over the ring finger tip, and execute the resonant stroke on the outer ring, known as the Kinaar. Practice this stroke repeatedly, saying “NA-NA-NA-NA” as you strike, and gradually aim for a loud and clear sound.

Patience and Progress:

It’s important to understand that acquiring a loud sound instantly may not happen during initial practice sessions. Building the necessary strength and developing the required movement in your hands and finger tips takes time. Be patient and persistent in your practice, and the desired results will come with continued effort.


Congratulations on embarking on your tabla learning journey! By mastering the resonant stroke technique, you’re unlocking a new dimension of expression and musicality. Remember to subscribe to the Octaves Online YouTube channel for more insightful videos and tutorials. Stay dedicated, keep practicing, and let the rhythm of the tabla guide you towards musical excellence!

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