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DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand finance minister Premchand Aggarwal, his gunner and some others were caught on camera raining blows on a man after an argument in a Rishikesh locality on Tuesday.
In the videos that have gone viral, the minister is seen purportedly slapping a man who is speaking to him. His gunner too slaps him and they chase him across the street, all the while beating him up.
“The minister’s car was stuck in a jam and the youth’s bike hit it. Over this petty issue, the minister and his gunner attacked the bike riders,” Congress spokesperson Garima Dasauni said.
It is a shameful incident and reflects the attitudes of BJP ministers and MLAs towards the common man,” said Congress spokesperson Garima Dasauni.
Later, Premchand Aggarwal said the man, Surendra Singh Negi, had verbally abused him and tried to assault him, and hence his “gunner was forced to take action”. Negi was detained for questioning. Aggarwal told reporters the man was “making obscene gestures and using foul language”. “When I objected, he attacked me and tore my kurta,” he said. He said his “money and valuables that were in the pocket were also missing”. He also pointed to a torn pocket in the uniform of his security guard, saying “he too was attacked”.
Aggarwal added: “We tried to reason with the manbut he ran to the other end of the street to get a brick. My security guard tried to stop him but his uniform was ripped. This is an act of hooliganism and a direct attack on me. . . A case will be lodged. ”
After Negi was taken to Kotwali police station, members of both Congress and BJP reached there and raised slogans against each other. Police teams from nearby areas were called to Rishikesh station.

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