Vijayta Pandit’s Tragic Love Life, A Broken Marriage, Unrequited Love And A Struggling Widowed Life

Yesteryear actress, Vijayta Pandit became an overnight sensation with the release of her 1981 debut film, Love Story. For the unversed, Vijayta belongs to the prestigious musical family of classical vocalist, Pandit Jasraj. Her elder sister, Sulakshana Pandit, is an actress-turned-classical singer, whereas her brothers, Jatin Pandit and Lalit Pandit, are eminent music composers in the Hindi film industry. 

Vijayta Pandit’s debut film brought into her life her first ever love

love story

Vijayta made her acting debut with the 1981 film, Love Story. A little unheard anecdote about this iconic film would narrate how a girl from a musical background landed such a grand film debut. It happened so that the film’s director, Rajendra Kumar, was frantically searching for a fresh face to be starred opposite his son, Kumar Gaurav, while he was about to launch him. As destiny wanted, Vijayta was chosen as the leading lady in the film, and the rest became history since not only was the film a massive success, but the gossip about the real-life chemistry of Vijayta and Kumar Gaurav had also reached many ears. In an interview with ETimes, she had once recalled her screen test for the film and mentioned:

“Initially I had refused a screen test for the film. Rajendra Kumar wanted my screen test just to know that how will I look and act in front of the camera. He had also made Bunty (Kumar Gaurav) appear for a screen test. But I was adamant about not doing one and denied his request. Later, Bunty told me that Rajendra Kumar had called Raj Kapoor saab and told him that the girl is adamant and does not want to do a screen test. Raj saab then advised him to start the film and ask the actors of the film to do a crash course in acting with Roshan Taneja. Both Bunty and I did a three-months long crash course before the film went on the floors.”

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vijayta kumar gaurav

Rajendra Kumar did not accept the match of Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit

kumar gaurav vijayta pandit

Gradually, the news reports of Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit being in a serious relationship gathered momentum, and nearly everyone was sure that the two would get married. But the reality was different as compared to the rumours. On the contrary, Kumar Gaurav’s father, Rajendra Kumar, was absolutely against his son’s match with Vijayta.

Kumar Gaurav broke promises of marrying Vijayta, leaving her home-stuck for four years

kumar gaurav vijayta pandit

The tragic part of Vijayta’s relationship with Kumar Gaurav came at a point when, despite making several promises to marry her, he broke it all after succumbing to his father’s refusal. All this while, Vijayta had spurned away all offers of matches that came across her as she ardently waited for Kumar to propose. Sadly, as nothing ever materialised, she was left home stuck and heartbroken for four years. In an interview with ETimes years later, Vijayta had refused to comment on her widely discussed link-up and relationship rumours with Kumar Gaurav. In her words:

“See, I have grown-up children now. Bygones are bygones, and I really don’t want to speak about it.”

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Vijayta Pandit’s first marriage with Sameer Malkan


After such a terrible heartbreak, Vijayta had given up all hopes of love. However, post such a bitter ending with Kumar, she made a successful comeback with films like Mohabbat, Misal, and Jeete He Shaan Se, among others. She took part in these films as an act of vengeance against Kumar Gaurav, who by this time had moved on in life and married Sunil Dutt’s daughter, Namrata Dutt. Nevertheless, destiny had also planned a different life for Vijayta, as she fell in love with her film, Car Thief’s director, Sameer Malkan. The duo married in 1986. Unfortunately, this marriage was short-lived, and the couple parted ways soon after. 

Vijayta Pandit’s second marriage with eminent music-composer, Aadesh Srivastava

vijayta aadesh

Four years later, Vijayta Pandit gave love another chance as she married eminent music composer, Aadesh Srivastava in 1990. Interestingly, her marriage with Aadesh inspired her to revamp her musical career as a playback singer. Thus, she released her comeback pop album, Pyaar Ka Izhar, in 2007, where she lent her voice opposite to Sonu Nigam and was directed by her hubby, Aadesh. In their personal life, the duo was blessed with two sons, Avitesh Srivastava and Anivesh Srivastava. 

Aadesh Srivastava’s death in 2015 brought Vijayta’s life crashing down

aadesh vijayta

The peaceful bliss of Vijayta’s marital bliss with hubby, Aadesh Srivastava, was shattered by the sudden and unfortunate death of the latter in 2015. Aadesh reportedly suffered from the last stage of cancer, and apparently, the entire wealth of the family was exhausted in his treatment. While his death was a shocking incident in their life, they also suffered from a deep financial crunch post his demise. Opening up on the same, she once mentioned:

“I became very lonely and depressed after he passed away, and also faced financial crisis but did not ask help from anyone. My husband, too, had never asked for financial help, even when he was sick. Aadesh was a very loving and caring husband and treated me like a princess. He gave me all the comforts of life. Our marriage even proved lucky for us–Aadesh became the number one music composer after we got married. Unfortunately, he fell ill and all the money that he had earned was spent on his treatment. Aadesh even sold his expensive car for Rs 1 crore so that we could travel to London, USA, and Canada for his treatment. Later, even I had to sell the car that Aadesh had gifted me on my birthday. My husband never asked anyone for money and as his wife, I will keep that respect. Luckily for me, I started getting royalty money from all of Aadesh’s music work so was able to manage my house.”

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