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Hyundai Mobis has released a video on its official social media handles showing off its latest tech, debuting for the first time on a public road. Known as the e-Corner System, it has been equipped on an IONIQ 5 EV, enabling a range of transformative maneuvers, such as Crab Driving, Zero Turn, Pivot Turn and Diagonal Driving.
The system works with the addition of a package module that brings in brake by wire, steer by wire, damper and in-wheel motor. Together these help the wheels turn up to 90 degrees! Talking about the four modes that the system enables – Crab Driving mode makes all wheels turn 90 degrees to perform a parallel movement, making it convenient to park in narrow spaces.

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The Zero Turn mode makes the front wheels rotate inside while the rear wheels turn outside, enabling the car to perform 360-degree idle turns. This will help turn the direction of the car in a limited space with minimum movement. Pivot Turn enables you to choose any point for central axis to rotate the vehicle, like a compass, thereby helping the car to turn in any direction by turning the rear wheels only.

Diagonal Driving rotates all four wheels to the same direction for diagonal movement. This is something similar to what we’ve already seen on the GMC Hummer EV’s Crab Walk mode, and will help the car avoid obstacles and other cars on the road.
Would you want to have the Hyundai e-Corner System, or a similar system on your car? Let us know in the comments down below!

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