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Apple Watch seems to be in for a major software overhaul this year. With watchOS 10, Apple plans to change the fundamentals of how one interacts with their Apple Watch, making widgets the “central part.”
In the latest edition of his newsletter, Power On, Mark Gurman notes that Apple plans to bring back widgets with the watchOS 10.
In the early years of the Apple Watch, watchOS focused around — watch faces, a home screen with apps, quick access to contacts, and Glances — the widgets interface. But then, Apple prioritised notifications and multitasking, removing Glances and frequent contacts. However, the apps remained a core part of how one interacts with their watch.
While Apple has tried to make it easier for users to open apps, it still needs a lot of effort, which people do not seem to like since apps on the Watch have not been as popular as Apple would have thought. Thus, a much-needed redesign brings what people might find easy – quicker access to information through widgets without hassling for apps.
The new widgets interface for the Apple Watch will be much similar to the Glances we saw on older iterations of watchOS and the widgets for iPhone. Instead of launching apps, users can scroll through the different widgets, similar to the widgets stack on iPhone, while functioning as an overlay for whatever watch face users want to use. These widgets could be for activity tracking, weather, stock, appointments and more.
Apart from the widgets, there might be some changes to how the buttons on the Apple Watch work in watchOS 10. Instead of pressing the Digital Crown to bring up the home screen, it may open widgets.
Gurman believes that the new widgets interface could be a little jarring for some users, so there are chances that Apple could make this interface optional.

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