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Popular Meta-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to improve user experience. The platform has recently submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta Program for iPhone users. This new update brings the voice message transcription feature to iOS. The feature was already under development. According to a report by WABetaInfo, this feature is now available for a handful of beta testers. Voice message transcription in WhatsApp is expected to arrive to all users with a later update.
WhatsApp voice message transcription: How will it work
The report also includes a screenshot that explains how this feature will work on iPhones. This feature will add transcriptions of the voice note to the message bubble. It will make it easier for users to read the message included in the voice note.
This feature will be enabled by default, however, users can also disable the feature from WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Transcripts. Users need to note that this feature will preserve end-to-end encryption of the platform as the transcription process takes place locally on the user’s device. The feature will use downloaded language packs to transcribe voice messages.

The feature uses the latest APIs provided by iOS 16, so this ability will be available for some users on newer versions of iOS. These latest APIs will help the app to process the voice message locally on the user’s device, and WhatsApp doesn’t need to transfer the message to external servers.
WhatsApp voice message transcription: How will it help users
With this feature, users will be able to get the content of a voice message in text. This feature can come in handy in situations where users can’t listen to the voice note. The feature will is also expected to provide more flexibility and accessibility in communication.
Users will also be able to search for specific information with the transcription feature for voice notes. Transcribed voice messages will also have indexed text which will make it easier for users. In case of a long voice message, users can access the search bar to look for the relevant keyword or phrase with this feature. The transcription feature will highlight where that text appears within the message.

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