When 16-Year-Old Asha Bhosle Got Married To 31-Year-Old Ganpatrao, Became A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

One of the most influential and versatile singers of Bollywood, Asha Bhosle is known as the Queen of Indipop. During the period of romantic, classical and devotional songs, Asha changed the game with her peppy cabaret numbers like Jawani Janeman, Dum Maro Dum, Piya Tu Ab To Aaja, Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Diwana, Hungama Ho Gaya and many more.

When 16-year-old Asha Bhosle got married to 31-year-old, Ganpatrao

Asha’s trajectory as a successful singer was completely opposite to her traumatic personal life. It was during her struggling days that a 16-year-old Asha, eloped with a 31-year-old, Ganpatrao Bhosle. The two got married in 1949, against her family’s wishes. Lata Mangeshkar was very upset with the alliance and immediately disowned her baby sister while the Mangeshkar family too cut off all ties with her.

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It was only after the birth of Asha’s son, Hemant, that the Mangeshkar family accepted them. Things were just beginning to build up again, and the family was coming together, but Ganpatrao was not in favour of his wife getting close to her family, especially to her sister, Lata. During the 1950s, he would often trouble Asha for money and prohibited her from meeting Lata. He accused her of infidelity and their fights would often take a violent turn.


When Asha Bhosle spoke about facing domestic violence

In 1960, Ganpatrao asked Asha to leave the house while she was pregnant with their third child, Anand. In the same year, Asha and Ganpatrao separated, and it proved to be a turning point for Asha. Since she had three kids to take care of, the singer focused on her career and gave back-to-back hits.

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In a throwback interview with Kavita Chhibber, Asha Bhosle opened up about her traumatic marriage with Ganpatrao Bhosle. Revealing how her family disowned her, Asha stated:

“I did get married at a very young age to a man who was 20 years older than I was. It was a love marriage and Lata didi did not speak to me for a long time. She disapproved of the alliance. The family was very conservative, and they could not handle a singing star for a daughter-in-law.”


The singer also revealed the abuse and ill-treatment she received from her husband and her in-laws. Even after her tragic experience, she did not wish to blame anyone. In her words:

“There was abuse and ill-treatment, and I finally was asked to leave when I was expecting my youngest son Anand, and I did go back to my mother, sisters, and brother. I do not blame anyone and have no ill will. I feel if I had not met Mr Bhosle, I would not have had these three amazing children and life turned out okay.”


In 1980, Asha Bhosle got married to RD Burman but soon parted ways because of his alcoholism.

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