When Amitabh Bachchan Revealed How He Gave Up Smoking And Drinking, ‘Done At The Rush Of A Stroke’

Amitabh Bachchan is one such actor in the Hindi film industry, who needs no introduction. From becoming the nation’s heartthrob with his power-packed performances onscreen, romance with stunning actresses of his time and other charismatic roles, Amitabh even at the age of 80, can make any young actor go for a run for their money. However, during his acting career, he has also faced many legal troubles after showing smoking and drinking onscreen. Keeping them aside, as per reports, Amitabh also once revealed that he used to smoke and drink. Not only that, he also mentioned how he came out from the same very drastically.

When Amitabh Bachchan recalled his smoking and drinking memories

Besides acting, Amitabh Bachchan is also an eminent writer, and runs a blog by himself on Tumblr. It was on April 9, 2023, when the megastar once again penned down his thoughts on how he finally decided to quit alcohol and smoking at the same time. At first, he recalled many related memories and mentioned how he and his friends once went to a chemistry lab. Then, they also prepared an elixir with the help of mixing various elements. Following this, his classmates once celebrated their graduation with the alcohol kept at the lab and got extremely sick. He penned:

“Practicals bring back memories of school, where the word or the expression was invariably referred to the practicals in the science labs… mixing elements, playing around with gadgetry in the physics lab… the college routine in continuation and the site one fine day when the last paper for the Graduate degree was over to find some of the classmates celebrating with the pure alcohol, kept in the lab, for experiments and getting extremely sick… an act that taught a lesson very early towards the effects or rather the dis effects of the elixir.”

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Further, Amitabh wrote about some other instances in his school and college, which caused havoc in his life. He accepted drinking and smoking to keep up with the social functions. However, the actor mentioned that he found no need to announce the same during his youth. He shared:

“Yes there were a few other instances noticed, in school and in college, when this intoxicant played havoc due to its excess… and then when in job in the City of Joy (Kolkata), the natural curriculum seemed to be in line with that phrase ‘social drinking’… I shall not deny the consumption of it, but its reason or resolve in leaving for years and years now, I shall not deliberate… it is a personal choice and demeanour… yes I do not… but why the announce of it ..”

Amitabh Bachchan recalled how he gave up drinking and smoking

Afterwards, Amitabh went on to say that due to the same, he suffered a lot due to excess indulgence in drinking in adulthood. And soon, he thought of quitting it. He simply decided to cut both habits out of his life, once and for all. Mentioning the same in his blog, the veteran actor said that he doesn’t regret his decision to give up drinking and smoking together. Amitabh also shared that he hadn’t touched either ‘for years and years now’. In his words:

“As is the case with the cigarette… in abundance in the years of free, and the sudden and immediate resolve to leave it.. and the way to leave is really quite simple… chuck that glass of the intoxicant, while in the middle of it and crush the ‘ciggi (cigarette)’ on your lips at the same time and… sayonara (goodbye in Japanese)… the very best way to be in riddance… not some part time exigencies to stop the use… its the removal of the cancer at once… done at the rush of a stroke… the more the dwindling, the greater the undesired habit of remaining ..”

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On the work front, Amitabh is currently all set to be seen in his upcoming project, Project K. As per reports, Big B will be playing a major role in the film, for which he has been paid a massive sum of Rs. 18 crores. Afterwards, he is expected to begin filming for the recently announced movie, Section 84, written and directed by Ribhu Dasgupta.

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