Zeenat Aman On Being Targeted By ‘Malicious’ Labels Of Tabloids: ‘These Scandals Took Their Toll’

Zeenat Aman is one of the most talented actresses in the Hindi film industry. The evergreen beauty is hailed as a style icon by her fans. The gorgeous actress debuted with the film, The Evil Within, and since then, she has been mesmerising her fans with her top-notch acting mettle. For the unversed, the yesteryear actress recently made her debut on Instagram and has been providing her fans with anecdotes from her life. And the same happened again, as the actress recently talked about the hard time she had to endure because of certain tabloids.

Zeenat Aman recalls how ‘malicious’ stories and labels about her took a toll on her 

Taking to her IG handle on September 2, 2023, Zeenat posted a bunch of pictures of some old magazine covers that featured her face. In these covers, we can see a label as “Has Zeenat Curses herself?” while another one is “Stop picking on Ms. Aman”, and a third label can be read as “out of sync”. However, sharing these pictures, Zeenat penned a long note and recalled how such labels took a toll on her. Talking about the same, she mentioned that she first subscribed to glossies and tabloids, but she later changed her decision after witnessing some ‘vicious’ headlines.

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In the same note, Zeenat stated that all of these stories were full of lies. And even if sometimes they were true, it was usually a colossal breach of privacy. The veteran actress also talked about the kind of effect these falsified labels and stories had on her. The actress shared that she used to get anxious and even had to deal with grief because of such false headlines and stories.

Calling such vicious magazine covers and the stories ‘scandal’, Zeenat stated that it had its own form of public humiliation. The actress mentioned she once approached an editor about a malicious story. But that editor was busy making excuses rather than apologising to the actress. That’s when the actress decided not to take such things personally, as by that time, she understood that the only interest of such magazines lay in selling their products. In the concluding segment of her long note, Zeenat mentioned that people will always talk, no matter what, so the best thing to do is to not let them define one’s life. An excerpt from Zeenat’s post can be read as:

“All this is just to say – people will always find reason to talk, and so it’s probably best not to allow their opinion or perception to define your life. You can do that for yourself.”

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When Zeenat Aman recalled hearing cruel statements about herself

Yet, in another post, Zeenat Aman once talked about being surrounded by gossip and cruel statements. The actress stated that throughout her career, she read many cruel statements about herself. Zeenat also talked about how people feel it’s their right to spread gossip and pass judgement on celebrities. Speaking along the same lines, Zeenat stated that she didn’t pay attention to such false news and would also not stay behind if she had to call out those who spread wrong information. 

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