Zeenat Aman On The Need Of Raising Sons To Respect Women, Says, ‘My Sons Have Grown Up….’

Zeenat Aman has been one of the boldest divas in her generation, and her life and its choices have always conformed to the unconventional. Apart from her acting mettle and charismatic personality, she is also known for her unfiltered opinions, which hint at everything true and real, and she does not mince her words out of fear. And in a recent interview, she again shared some of her views on the contemporary world, which are no less than truth bombs.

Zeenat Aman highlights the importance of women being financially independent

In a recent conversation with social media influencer, Kusha Kapila on the show, Swipe Ride, Zeenat Aman candidly shared her views on the dimensions of relationships in modern times. Placing a strong emphasis on women being financially independent, Zeenat highlighted that it simply liberates women to happily invest in themselves. Moreover, she also gave a sassy piece of advice to men who easily get intimidated by women striving to be independent. She mentioned:

“If a man is ever intimidated by that, show him the door. One thing I would advise young women to try to do is get financially independent and invest in themselves. You know, dating and relationships then becomes a natural choice, not you’re getting into a relationship because you think you have to, and then you do it on your own terms and conditions.”

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Zeenat Aman reveals how she brought up her sons to respect strong and powerful women

In the same conversation, Zeenat highlighted how it is not an alien fact for women to be the breadwinners of the family and make major financial decisions, and added that she herself has done so. She also added how she has raised her sons, Azaan Khan and Zahaan Khan to respect women in their lives, who strive to be strong and independent. In her words:

“I’ve put my shoulder into the wheel and done what was necessary, and my sons have grown up seeing that, and every relationship that they’ve had has been with women who are strong and independent and who’re capable of having an opinion and making choices, and they treat that as the norm because they’ve been raised by a mother who is just that. So, I think it’s very important for parents to raise their sons in a way that women are respected and women are given autonomy. It’s how you raise your children that make all the difference.”


When Zeenat revealed that she was a target of frequent malicious tabloids

For the unversed, Zeenat Aman had made her Instagram debut a few months back, and ever since, has been sharing various anecdotes from her life through her social media handle. On September 2, 2023, Zeenat dropped pictures of some magazines back in the days, which featured her on its cover. However, the highlight of these covers was some targeting questions printed, that were directed at the actress’ life. Along with these, Zeenat penned a caption where she revealed how such half-baked headlines took a toll on her life, as these had no ounces of truth.

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When Zeenat revealed that the film industry was more interested in her beauty than her intellect

In one of her previous interviews with Vogue, Zeenat Aman had spoken about the real hardships and trials she went through, during what was labelled as the golden period of her career back in the 70s. Reliving memories of her stardom, Zeenat had revealed how people always weighed the beauty of actresses more than their intellect. She had mentioned:

“Over the years, I’ve worn it all (and nearly bared it all) and had great fun doing it. I realised early on that the world desired youth and beauty from women in the film industry. So, I leveraged my looks, but I also chose roles that pushed the envelope. Still, there was far more interest in my face and figure than there ever was in my intellect. This is one reason that I have loved ageing—it has evened the scales.”


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